'Allo mates!
Ema Sofía
18 years old.
Surviving Med School .

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One pound at a time

5'7' or 1.70 m

I'm more than happy to help, so if you have any questions, go ahead! :)

Under the tag "Personal posts" you'll find pictures of my meals, my workouts and some extra stuff, check it out :) !

Fitblr en español Paras las chicas y chicos que lo hablen, no duden en enviar preguntas o cualquier cosa en español :) Suelo publicar la mayoría de mis posts en inglés porque es más alcanzable para la mayoría, pero no tengo ningún problema en publicar en español si lo desean :)

Couch to 5k

So this week I started with the program Couch to 5k. I runned from monday to friday and I feel so proud :’) I made a little something to keep me motivated, every 5 runs I’ll give myself a little reward. The first one were these two nail polishes

And for the following rewards I’ve been thinking about something like this:

Anyways, if you have any cool ideas for rewards, tell me about them :) !!